Company of EKOAL LTD has 20+ years of experience as a reliable partner and supplier of industrial, transport and agriculture sector, supplying high quality services, performing sales of top quality goods and technical consultation to end customers, while at the same time we engage in business through high level of concern about the nature and environment.

On the basis of well developed efficient transport network, our commercial strategy is built towards providing excellent opportunities to answer the market requirements and customer demand via easy access to wide stock availability at EKOAL stores & warehouses.

Our goal is to achieve the best results in the process of providing service in area of North East part of Bulgaria, while at the same time transport costs and delivery lead times are reduced to minimum.

Thanks to the warehouse stock availability of more than 26 000 different products and our 20+ years of sales experience of goods with fair price-to-quality ratio, EKOAL has established itself as a successful, responsible and reliable partner for a large number of bulgarian and foreign companies.

Our skilled team and our good business practices with many bulgarian and foreign business partners allow EKOAL to be able to answer to every customer's enquiry and perform every delivery correctly.

The quick response, competence and the working days from Monday-to-Sunday, from 08:00-19:00 in our main offices in town of Razgrad and town of Silistra, allow us to defend proudly our company slogan - "24 HOURS TOGETHER".

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Ekoal strategy is:

- Creating a trade network with the purpose to give an responsible answer and high level of satisfaction to the needs of wholesale companies, retail traders and final customers via regular deliveries and excellent stock availability.

- Market presence via sustained & continious strive towards:
>> Improving quality of service EKOAL offers to its customers.
>> Conduction of theoritical and practicle trainings for our staff with the aim of improving qualification and career developement;
>> Performing technical presentation and trainings with representatives of our customer companies.
>> Improving inside-company organization by integrating innovations which helps us reduce costs of service.
>> Implementing effective and efficient practices in conformity with international standards.
>> Strengthening and development of the relations between our company and our business partners.
>> Expanding the range of warehouse availability with the aim of adequate answer market demand.
>> Maintenance of top quality products, competent sale and technical consultation.

2 warehouses;
5 company stores;
light cargo transport;
Large information pool with technical specifications required for the needs of the company and its customers.

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