Ralomex JSCo. was established in 1976 as a original agriculture equipment manufacturer.

In 1976, Ralomex started operating with 240 employees, involved in manufacturing proccess of:
>>> Aggregated parts for forage harvesters;
>>> Components, assemblies and gray iron castings used in seeders;
>>> Threshing machines;
>>> Carrot harversters;

The following year, the company extended its production lines, starting manufacturing of:

>>> 25cm body mounted ploughs;
>>> 30cm body mounted ploughs;
>>> rollers for tractors;

Over the years, till year of 2006, RALOMEX JSCo. has produced a total of 26 441 ploughs of various modifications, average of annual production equal to 881 units per year, respectively 3,4 units per day. Additionally, the factory has made 11 687 sets of rollers, 1249 cultivators, 569 disc harrows.

For its near 40 years of production experience, Ralomex has become an reliable and correct partner, recognized with its high quality products.

Today, the company pride itself with the long tradition as a leading manufacturer of machinery for primary and secondary soil tillage - ploughs, cultivators and disc harrows in Bulgaria.

Cultivating the right values today, allows harvest of tomorrow's success.