Intertraco was established in 1979 in Suzzara (Mantova) as a company specializing in the production of components for mechanical and hydraulic transmissions.

During the 80s the company focuses mainly on the hydraulic market, designing and improving “hydrolic connectors”- components that carry fluids under pressure; accessories for flexible hoses for high and low pressure, fast – release sleeves, adaptors, universal joints and valves.

During the last 20 years Intertraco continues to invest in technologies that ensure sustainable exploitation of products, the reliability and quality of hydraulic equipment, that is in great customer demand nowadays. However, Intertraco is aware of the need to work with its customers, to clearly understand their requirements. This partnership leads to productivity, stability and satisfaction.

Currently Intertraco works with customers from all over the world and introduces new models and standards that ensure international compatibility. The solid technical potential and innovative products of the company increase its competitiveness and allow it to offer customers reliable solutions and expert services.

The stable investments in research and improvement in new production techniques together with the long lasting commitments to customers and employees ensure the basis for successful improvement of Intertraco group.