Megadyne group offers a wide range of products to meet the demands of its customers with many of them suggesting extremely useful solutions in the area of power transmissions and transport.

Megadyne produces thermoplastic and heat resistant polyurethane belts, rubber belts and rolls from various materials. A large part of the products of Megadyne are available either in standard applications, or custom made for special customer requirements.

In 1957 Corado Tardini created a company, which commenced its business activities with the production of flat rubber belts.

The 80s of the 20th century: thanks to the expertise in the area of polymers Megadyne starts production of synchronized and endless polyurethane belts.

90s: the company starts developing a world – wide sales network.

In 2000 the management of the company decided to offer the market not only single products, but also a finished transmission system, thus giving the customers a complete cycle – from design to product and service. The same year Megadyne group increased its production range by acquiring the ex-company of Pirelli in Spain for production of rubber belts and a new company for rolls in Milan.

2006: Megadyne increased its sales and production activities in the USA by the acquisition of Jason Industrial Group with its 12 sales companies and manufacturing facilities in North Carolina.