Valvolmeccanica S.n.c. was born in far 1974 in a small work shop where Rolando Cevenini decided to develop its production in the market of spraying and farming defence.

Thanks to Rolando's innovative ideas and passions, work begun to increase, so he was compelled to move to a larger temporary place until 1982, the year when he moved permanently to Romagnano Sesia, in the province of Novara.

Valvolmeccanica over the year has focused its production on design articles on behalf of a third party.

In 1999 whit the arrival of Lorenza, the Valvolmeccanica decided to take a very important step for the future, adding to the existing production, the design and implementation of its own products: like this, the line of products come into being under the brand Valvolmeccanica.

By investing in this new range of products, in 2002 Valvolmeccanica took part to the EIMA Fair, event that allowed to Valvolmeccanica to be known both nationally and internationally.

Since 2009 the second generation of the family began to be at the helm of the company, Lorenza and Chiara Cevenini respectively responsible of the commercial and administrative offices. Still accompanied by the founder Rolando Cevenini, technical manager of the production department.

Valvolmeccanica, thanks to the exeperience adquired through the years and to the constant study and investment in new technology solutions, today has reached a high level of reliability and quality, up to the current acquisition of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.